Composing ask From: address and arbitrary keys in PGP

Ryan Smith GTC at
Thu Aug 1 04:35:08 UTC 2019

On 2019-07-27 09:42, Robert wrote:
> On 2019-07-26, 05:12, GTC at wrote:
>> 1. When composing messages, mutt ask To: or recipient adress and Subject: and then go to editor. How to make mutt ask for From: or sender address only and then go to editor?
>> This is useful for people with multiple accounts or multiple identities in each email account if they set custom headers based on each email account or identity eg, From: address.
> As it has been suggested earlier, a common way to handle this is the
> reply-hook. I would like to elaborate on this a bit, since you mentioned
> custom headers per identity:
> I'm using a profiles.rc file as a dispatcher for all identities
> (reply-hooks and shortcuts to toggle between identities) and as a fix
> point to include from muttrc.
> Each identity is a separate rc file which is then source'd.
> An example identity could look like this in the profiles.rc:
>     macro index <Esc>1 '<enter-command>source
>     ~/.config/neomutt/profiles.d/1.rc<enter>'
>     macro compose <Esc>1 '<enter-command>source
> ~/.config/neomutt/profiles.d/1.rc<enter><edit-from><kill-line>current-from<enter>'
>     reply-hook '~C ^person at$' 'source
>     ~/.config/neomutt/profiles.d/1.rc'
> That'll enable the <Esc>1 shortcut in both index and compose to switch
> to profile 1. In compose it will also set the from accordingly (using a
> alias that's set inside the 1.rc).
> The 1.rc might look like this:
>     source ~/.config/neomutt/profiles.d/clear.rc
>     set from="person at"
>     set realname="Example Person"
>     alias current-from person at (Person)
>     set pgp_sign_as = ...
>     set crypt_autosign = ...
>     set record = +sent-mail
>     set postponed = +drafts
>     set trash = +dustbin
> clear.rc is a generic "blank profile" that resets all values so make
> sure that profiles don't bleed into each other.
> And from then on you can just add all the values that you want to have
> set in this identity.
> As you can see, you can even set the folders for sent mail, postponed
> messages and the trash.
> Hope this helps!
>   Robert

I tried your code in both mutt and neomutt, created that 1.rc file in
the relevant directory, and both of them gives me error

Error in .muttrc,   ~/.config/neomutt/profiles.d/1.rc<enter>: unknown
Error in .muttrc,  
unknown command
Error in .muttrc,   ~/.config/neomutt/profiles.d/1.rc: unknown command

for mutt I also created a 1.rc file in ~.mutt/profiles.d/1.rc, still
gives me the same errors.

Can you check your codes to see if you typed correctly or you may have
left something?

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