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Samir Benmendil me at rmz.io
Tue Jul 30 07:53:10 UTC 2019

On Jul 30, 2019 at 7:40, Matthias Apitz wrote:
> A solution must be based on some kind of a local "database" file of 
> threads marked as "bad" threads (perhaps as patterns) and one must 
> actively store the given "bad" thread into it, for example with <ESC>M 
> and then a <ESC>D would later, even in the next mutt session, read 
> this "database" file and delete all threads from the actual mailbox 
> for all patterns in it.

Would it be possible to keep this information in the email by, say, 
adding a header to it. And have mutt mark any message whose parent 
contains this header as read.

Something like this as a macro or hook (untested):

    <tag-pattern>~h X-Mark-Thread-Read\n<tag-prefix-cond><read-subthread>

An external tool can probably add the header if mutt can't do it.

One could also (ab)use the spam detection mechanism

    spam "X-Mark-Thread-Read" "100/NotInterested"

I'm reading this out of the NeoMutt manual, I suppose Mutt has similar 

> I Cc'ed the author of the article: fa-ml at ariis.it
> Please keep him/her in Cc when you reply.
> 	matthias
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