Compiling a newer version than the latest .deb package

Frank Watt youngoldbloke at
Sun Jun 2 03:35:52 UTC 2019

I've used mutt for nearly 20 years, but since I install it from a deb
package, the latest version I have is 1.5.21 -- almost 9 years old.
I figured out enough of sendmail to use as an MTA, but it recently got
the better pf me.  I've been informed that newer versions of mutt have
a built in SMTP client, so I can avoid sendmail.

I'd like to compile the source code of 1.12.0.  What would I need to
bear in mind as far as overwriting ~/.muttrc and/or /etc/Muttrc?  I
notice that with my current installation, typing mutt -v includes

Am I to assume that I would have had sendmail in my environment at the
time the deb was installed?  So I'd need to remove it so that I can
compile mutt with built-in SMTP.  What else would I need to bear in

I'm a bit apprehensive about compiling code outside the control of a
package manager, but I can't see a way around it -- unless someone has
made a more recent .deb.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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