X-Face: Header Interpretation

Nemo Thorx mutt at nemo.house.cx
Thu May 30 00:58:19 UTC 2019

Quoting Hokan from 29 May (a Wednesday in 2019) at 1421 hours...

> page.  So I replaced this line in the script:
> | { echo '/* Width=48, Height=48 */'; $UNCOMPFACE; } \
> with this:
> | { echo '/* Width=48, Height=48, Depth=1, Format_version=1, Valid_bits_per_item=16 */'; $UNCOMPFACE; } \
> and all worked.

My setup is a debian9, and uncompface works without that change for me.
I applied that tweak to my local script[12] - and still works equally well. 

If I had to guess, I'd think there is a debian-specific patch somewhere
which changes the behaviour. 

Certainly shows how these things should be better tested across

[12] My script is somewhat tweaked - I use formail to get the headers
more reliably, and also save the resulting pbm to disk in parallel to
displaying it. But the header|icontopbm|viewer block is identical :)


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