X-Face: Header Interpretation

Hokan hokan.hokan at gmail.com
Wed May 29 19:21:22 UTC 2019

Hello Mutters,

For kicks, I thought I'd try making the X-Face header work and followed
the instructions here:

I installed the needed programs from the FreeBSD Ports system.

I was able to create a header, but not view the image it contained.  I
got this message from icontopbm:
"invalid sun icon file header: only 2 out of required 5 fields present".

Looking at the code for icontopbm it appears that we need more header
fields than is provided by the view-x-face script referred to by the Wiki
page.  So I replaced this line in the script:

| { echo '/* Width=48, Height=48 */'; $UNCOMPFACE; } \

with this:

| { echo '/* Width=48, Height=48, Depth=1, Format_version=1, Valid_bits_per_item=16 */'; $UNCOMPFACE; } \

and all worked.

Should I submit a bug report to suggest that the Mutt Wiki page be
updated to suggest this modification to the script?

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