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Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at
Tue May 28 13:36:21 UTC 2019

On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 06:48:47AM +0200, Matthias Apitz wrote:
>In the moment of reply it is asking me
>   Enter keyID for user at

This might be caused by $crypt_replyencrypt which defaults set.

>Perhaps this was caused by a block in the incoming mail of:
>Openpgp: preference=signencrypt
>Autocrypt: addr=user at; prefer-encrypt=mutual; keydata=
>        mQENBE6aDi0BCACsJrzLOje6TsYzkk89ttxhWffsB/2AnfB8NO+lM25o3HqmTBi2swxVzEQL
>        Dcn/on+HPg9pNl0Srxao7POXwo2TVyO/r5A2ZPn9fGue5z87NqR3HMW6HPnU3HpBNdqZyz40
>        OFZXe9kCIkBS7RarQUznp2DHtvghFGXZVbKi9X5t6EnQVlIFcj9ESPE9pajf+QwytgCdMqN7

No, autocrypt support is not in Mutt.

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