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I'm using GnuPG (with an OpenPGP smartcard) to sign my mails or decrypt
mails if they have been encrypted with my pub key. For this I have in

set crypt_use_gpgme
set crypt_autosign

and all this is fine. Yesterday I got a mail which was encrypted with my
pub key and after providing the PIN for my OpenPGP card it was decrypted
and presented fine in clear text. In the moment of reply it is asking me

   Enter keyID for user at

and I did not know what to give. mutt says in the header on screen in
this moment:

   Security: Sign, Encrypt (PGP/MIME)

Perhaps this was caused by a block in the incoming mail of:

Openpgp: preference=signencrypt
Autocrypt: addr=user at; prefer-encrypt=mutual; keydata=

How I should handle this exactly with mutt 1.11.1 ?


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