Viewing sent mail

Vegard Svanberg vegard at
Mon May 13 17:08:38 UTC 2019

* Kevin J. McCarthy <kevin at> [2019-05-13 18:57]:

> From your inbox, try typing 'c'.  That should give you a prompt:
>    Open mailbox ('?' for list):
> Type '?'.  This should show you a list of the mailboxes under
> imaps://
> Scroll down to the [Gmail]/ selection and hit enter.  Then scroll down to
> the "Sent Mail" folder and hit enter.

Just wanted to chip in here to say I run multiple instances of Mutt in a
screen/tmux session; one window per mailbox. That way I can keep
multiple mailboxes open without having to open, wait, etc. 

Vegard Svanberg <vegard at> [*Takapa at IRC (EFnet)]

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