mutt workflow and mail filtering

Cameron Simpson cs at
Mon May 13 03:54:54 UTC 2019

On 12May2019 20:18, benfitzg at <benfitzg at> wrote:
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>> PyPI's been updated with the new release.
>thanks, I really don't mean for you to go to any effort on my part, 
>though I suspect you also have this as a hobby project and like developing it!

Well, it files all of my email, so I have an investment. I wrote it 
because I finally got sufficiently pissed off with procmail and also 
with my "simple rules compiled to procmailrc" script.

>I think for my work this project simply has too many dependencies,

PyPI _should_ resolve all of those for you. This:

   python3 -m pip install

should install everything; if it doesn't I need to fix that also.

>and I'll
>probably end up rolling something of my own using this?

Please, use Python 3.

>It's interesting stuff, and I've enjoyed the chat, and learned a fair 
>bit also!

No worries. I would still like to know how painful or otherwise this is 
to use for someone who isn't me.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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