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felixs besteck455 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 18:06:04 UTC 2019

Hi mutt users,

fiddling with sed in the mutt mailing bash script I am writing I do not find
a way to make sed read all files of a directory from standard in? 
I redirected standard input to a file and try to 'point' sed to all the
files of the directory which is the spoolfile (maildir), like so:

sed -ne '/^From: $EMAIL_ADDRESS/p ; /Subject: $SUBJECT/p' \
< /path/to/spoolfile

If I specify a message file on the command line it works. If I try to
make sed take its input from ALL the files in the directory using the
above syntax it does not. I use, for instance,

sed -ne '/^From: $EMAIL_ADDRESS/p ; /Subject: $SUBJECT/p' \
< path/to/spoolfile/*    # error: ambiguous redirection
< path/to/spoolfile/'1'*  #given that all msg files start with '1'
or variations of that, 
it always fails with the above error messages.

I searched in the documentation of sed (info sed),  the bash-hacker's
wiki (1) and read through the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide, but I
haven't found the exact use case of redirecting input to all the files
of a directory. The referred wiki points out that

[QUOTE] FILENAME references a normal, ordinary file from the filesystem (which
of course can be a FIFO, too. Simply everything you can reference in the
filesystem. [END QUOTE]

using only
< path/to/spoolfile  #results in error message: ... Is a directory.
But isn't there a way to address all the files in the INBOX? I mean, if
it were a mbox format, no problem, that's just one file and its content
can be fed into sed. 
I'd be glad to be able to use this to have sed
filter the INBOX for mails having arrived from a known sender with a
known subject line, after mutt has polled for new mail.
I've seen that one may use a variable and redirect standard in to it,
but even thinking of pathname variable it always expands to a
directory or to a given file, but to all the files of a directory?

Any suggestions appreciated.


(1) https://wiki.bash-hackers.org/syntax/redirection

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I thought of working with sed to get the 'alias line' inserted into the
addresses_file.txt, and to modify it inserting commas, so that the file
may be further processed by mutt. But that's just an idea.
I will take up the crontab suggestion. Thanks for all.

On Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 08:13:13PM +0200, Willem Offermans wrote:
> Dear Felixs and mutt friends,
> I did some searching and I came across the following:

> If you experience problem with scripting, I (we) can help you out.
> Note the existence of the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide. You can find it all over on the internet. I use it for more than a decade or so.
> It gives you help with scripting.
> If you need crontab to schedule a job to check your mails, look on the internet once more. There is plenty of documentation.
> Good luck and happy scripting.
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> > Thanks for your reply.
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> > On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 08:50:53AM +0200, Willem Offermans wrote:
> >> Dear Felixs and mutt friends,
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> >> FreeBSD with mutt, that is a strong team :)
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