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Wed Apr 10 07:43:12 UTC 2019

Thanks, I guess that for BSD things are quite the same, but the
following is based on mutt v. 1.11.4.
There are several ways to achieve what you are aiming at.
One might be:

1a) Edit your EMAIL_ADDRESSES.txt or create a new one. Add 
alias my_alias (i.e. name of your alias) address1, address2, address3
1b) Source your email_addresses.txt file adding (to muttrc)
source path/to/alias_file (i.e. to email_addresses.txt
2) You say you want to have a standard message.
2a) Create a standard message text and save it to
On the command line (you wanted it as a command), type:
mutt -ns "YOUR_SUBJECT" -i /path/to/MY_STANDARD_BODY.txt my_alias

Explanation: the -n option prevents default systemwide muttrc to be
read. Using the -i option you can include a standard body text.

Or you might as well use
mutt -ns "YOUR_SUBJECT" my_alias < /path/to/MY_STANDARD_BODY.txt

Another way is (working with my examples:
1) Edit muttrc adding
set alias test address1, address2, address3 ...
1a) Here you do not have to source anything, because the default value
for alias_file is muttrc itself.
2) as 2) above

I am not sure whether this fits your needs, but it works, provided that
you add a way to supply your email credentials in this "batch" mode.
I haven't tried this as I am not fond of storing passwords or
credentials in a file.

Maybe I'm going to try to set up a script myself, but at the moment I do
not have any ready.
declare a variable in a shell script
addresses=address1, address2, address3
mutt -s "YOUR SUBJECT" $addresses

Let me know if that worked for you on FreeBSD. And don't tell me
anything if it does not ;-)


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> HI Thanks for replying. I am using it on FreeBSD
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> SI
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> > Hi All
> > Each day I get a text file with a bunch of email addresses. I would like to send out a standard message to all email addresses in this file. Is there any way Mutt allows me to do this with a command? I would later like to write a script to include this command later on.
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> For Linux or for Windows?
> On which platform are you using mutt?
> Cheers,
> felixs

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