Numbered SGML entities in header addresses

Ian Zimmerman itz at
Tue Apr 9 03:40:09 UTC 2019

On 2019-04-07 23:13, felixs wrote:

> > From: "Foo Bariì" <foo-baric at>
> > 
> > where the entity refers to the character U0107 in Unicode code point
> > space.  I would like to automatically see the correct glyph at least
> > when it is in one of the visible headers.  Is there a display filtering
> > feature in mutt that would allow me to do that (I don't mind if it
> > requires a bit of configuration)?
> And if you add
> set charset="utf-8"
> to your muttrc conf file?

That doesn't look at all plausible to me.  For one thing, UTF-8 is the
systemwide default, meaning it ends up in my LANG and LC_ variables.  I
am as sure as I can be about anything that mutt picks up those if the
"charset" mutt variable is not set.

For another thing, why should it help?  Those ASCII characters are
perfectly valid in the name part of a From header, and normally I expect
mutt to show them to me as they are.  It is only in this case where some
HTML-addled MUA decided to use them together to encode a ISO 8859-2
character (_not_ UTF-8 or anything related) that I want a way to see the
character really intended by the sender.

Nevertheless, your suggestion should do no harm, so I'll try it and
report back.

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