slow startup

Keith Smiley k at
Thu Dec 20 18:13:25 UTC 2018

I've seen this issue before on macOS. Specifically it happens if your 
hostname has a dot. Here's an example program showing how long this can 

I _believe_ I fixed this with:

`sudo scutil --set HostName name-without-dot`

Keith Smiley

On 12/20, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:
>On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 06:14:31PM +0900, Kenichi Asai wrote:
>>My guess is that mutt automatically checks some machine or network
>>configuration and wait 5 seconds for time out before starting.  Does
>>mutt do such things?  How can I learn about them?
>In 1.6.0, mutt was changed to determine the fully-qualified hostname 
>at startup using gethostname() and getaddrinfo().  The delay could be 
>if DNS isn't configured correctly.
>On Linux, a workaround is to add an entry to /etc/hosts:
>   myhost.mydomain  myhost
>I'm not sure how the equivalent is done on MacOS.
>Kevin J. McCarthy
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