Group reply To-vs-Cc recipients

Ian Zimmerman itz at
Thu Nov 29 23:41:12 UTC 2018

On 2018-11-29 13:26, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:

> Someone opened a ticket asking about Mutt's group reply behavior.
> By default (i.e. ignoring Mail-Followup-To, $reply_self, $reply_to,
> etc.), the To recipients are added to the Cc list of the reply.  The
> ticket reporter thought it made more sense for To recipients to remain
> in the To list of the reply.  Apparently, Thunderbird does this, but
> not sure about other clients.
> Have no fear, I have no intention of changing default behavior.  But
> I'm curious about opinions on this list.  Is this "established proper"
> behavior, or is this something reasonable to have an option for?

I am curious to know in what context "someone" felt it would make a

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