OT: culprit in MIME recoding and breaking signatures

Ian Zimmerman itz at very.loosely.org
Fri Nov 23 06:40:22 UTC 2018

The winner appears to be Perl, namely the Mail::Audit module (and
whatever other modules it relies on).  I had a couple of scripts that
did gentle transformations of incoming mails.  The transformations were
supposed to only ever touch the headers, but I used a Mail::Audit object
to write back the entire message including the body.  I had complete
trust that the body would be bitwise identical to the original, but not

This is a very unpleasant surprise, I have thought of Perl and the more
popular CPAN modules as the good old workhorse which would always do the
job efficiently and reliably - if not always legibly :)  I intentionally
preferred Perl for this task over some combination of procmail, formail,
sed and pcregrep which would have worked.  My world is crumbling :(

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