Hardware cursor and console colours resetting when starting mutt

Jon LaBadie mutter at jgcomp.com
Sun Sep 30 21:19:06 UTC 2018

On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 10:26:31PM +0100, David Woodfall wrote:
> Hi
> In the (framebuffer) console I've used the standard escape codes to
> set a small 1/3 block cursor to make it more visible, and softened
> the colours to not be so stark.  They were a bit of a headache
> before, and the normal cursor is very hard to see. 
> Unfortunately, when I start mutt everything resets back to the
> defaults.  I only see a couple of settings regarding the cursor, but
> they don't seem to help.  I've tried running with a -F /dev/null so
> it doesn't seem to be something in my config.  Is there any way of
> avoiding this?
> In screen it's not so bad, but the cursor resets even just switching
> to the window where mutt is running.  The colours remain as they were
> though.
> The cursor code I use is:
> printf '\e[?3c'
> Any ideas?
Programs that use the ncurses library will run initializations
defined in their terminfo entries.  According to "man terminfo"
there are 6 or 7, like initialization_string_1 or _2 or _3.

Check your terminfo entry (infocmp) and see if any are defined
that would modify your desired settings.

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