Message-ID with "+" in

Ben Fitzgerald benfitzg at
Sun Sep 30 18:48:55 UTC 2018


I'm trying to have org-mode store a folder and Message-ID so that
I can then have a function that will cause mutt to lookup the

Works okay so far, except when I hit a message with "+" in, for

CAJxp15h8mE6UcYStOyUzH_T490X+hOq5dTo+xxVOZC5WSnh94g at

Here when mutt is given:

/ ~i CAJxp15h8mE6UcYStOyUzH_T490X+hOq5dTo+xxVOZC5WSnh94g at

Lookup fails. Simple attempts to work around this such as enclosing the
Message-ID in single/double quotes, escaping the "+" as below has no effect:

/ ~i "CAJxpU5h8mE6UcYStOyUzH_T490R\+hOp5dTo\+crVOZC5WSnh94g at"

Probably this is fairly simple, but I'm stuck. Would appreciate advice.


Ben Fitzgerald

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