Check PGP sigs only when I need to

David Woodfall dave at
Wed Sep 26 20:12:53 UTC 2018

On Wednesday 26 September 2018 10:14,
Ian Zimmerman <itz at> put forth the proposition:
> Hello mutt lovers,
> I still have not found a good way to check PGP signatures.  The root
> problem is that many (probably more than half) signatures on mailing
> list messages, including this one, are broken.  I have given up on
> addressing that root problem, but I would still like to check signatures
> on private messages on occasion.  I know about the variable
> crypt_verify_sig, but it's not a real solution in itself (ie. when set
> to ask-no) because I still waste time responding to the prompt.  I could
> set it in a folder hook to yes or no depending on the folder, but I am
> also trying to avoid folder hooks as much as possible, with their
> complexity and opacity [1].
> The ideal solution I dream about is a specific command/keystroke to
> check the signature of a message, when already viewing that message.
> Strange as it is this natural command doesn't seem to exist - or am I
> wrong about this?  And if I'm right would it make sense to add such a
> command?
> [1]
> How many people really know the exact rules by which the pattern in a
> folder hook matches?
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> if you also post the followup to the list or newsgroup.
> To reply privately _only_ on Usenet and on broken lists
> which rewrite From, fetch the TXT record for

You can make a key bind/macro to do pretty much everything, including
changing settings like that.


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