muttrc for different mutt versions

Kai Weber at
Thu Sep 6 14:52:44 UTC 2018

At home I use Debian unstable with mutt 1.10.x, at work I am bound to
Debian 9 and mutt 1.7.2. I know, I could compile and install mutt by
myself but let's say I can not:

How can I have the same muttrc on both machines without running into
errors during mutt start?

Error in /home/kai/.config/mutt/muttrc, line 16: mime_type_query_command: unknown variable
Error in /home/kai/.config/mutt/muttrc, line 76: abort_noattach_regexp: unknown variable
source: errors in /home/kai/.config/mutt/muttrc

Any suggestions?


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