source .muttrc after changes in script?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Aug 3 22:04:11 UTC 2018

On 03Aug2018 14:42, Orm Finnendahl <orm.finnendahl at> wrote:
> I wrote a shell script to specify an fcc for the sender of an email
>and insert it into .muttrc and bound it to ".f".
>Is there a way to automatize sourcing the .muttrc after the insertion?

Please, just "automate" :-(

I don't think so. You could half way do it by making macros for several common 
mutt keystrokes to test for a changed muttrc and resource things before doing 
the primary action, but that feels cumbersome and fragile.

On the other hand, doing that for a choice specific set, such as just before 
composing a new message, is less cumbersome, less fragile, and far less 
impactful to perfomance.

>On a related issue:
>When sourcing the .muttrc (using ": source ~/.muttrc") the mail
>entries get resorted. Is there a way to inhibit this sorting?

Likely your .muttrc sets the sorting criteria, and that resorted the index.

If you separate your .muttrc into a few files:

  - fixed settings (eg your attributed etc)
  - default initial settings (eg your sorting)
  - modifiable settings (eg list of mail aliases etc which might be updated)

and make your main .muttrc source all 3 then you could just not source your 
muttrc, instead sourcing only the relevant file such as that last "modifiable 
settings" file. Then your sorting should not change.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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