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Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at
Mon Jul 30 17:00:45 UTC 2018

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 03:18:56PM +0200, Karlo Kuna wrote:
> when thread is collapsed displayed sender and date are of the first
> message in the thread and not the last.

Mutt is displaying the _top_ message in the thread.  When you collapse a
thread, the message showing is not a representation of the thread, it is
the top message itself.  An operation on that visible message (viewing,
copying, saving) is performed only on the top message, not the entire

First/last only make sense in the scope of an order such as
date-received, where first could in fact be something other than top.
But in this case $sort=thread, and $sort_aux affects the order between
threads/subthreads - not the threading algorithm itself.  There is no
configuration which will make Mutt display a different message besides
the top when the thread is collapsed.

I belabor this point, because it's important to understand how this
differs from, say Gmail, which flattens out threads, provides a
representation of the thread in the index, and whose operations on those
representations affect the entire thread.

Kevin J. McCarthy
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