macro/prompt to trigger mailcap?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Wed Jul 18 22:41:52 UTC 2018

On 17Jul2018 21:53, ilf <ilf at> wrote:
>How do you handle attachments?

I confess I inline the ones which I can. PDF->text, images -> size and format 
info, etc.

>Currently, I use "auto_view text/html" and "implicit_autoview" with 
>mailcap. However, I would like to not display attachments via mailcap 
>automatically on opening a mail, but only after pressing another key. 
>(Never trust attachments…)
>Is there any way one could implement this in mutt currently? Maybe with some 
>kind of macro?

Well, you could keep 2 mailcaps, one lacking the unwanted entries. Have a macro 
to switch between them. You can probably write a simple sed or awk script to 
comute the stripped one from the full one, and keep it up to date with "make".

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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