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Tue Jul 17 07:01:52 UTC 2018

Hi Michael,

* On 16.07.18 22:34, Michael Wagner wrote
> is it possible in mutt to display the mailboxes in the sidebar another
> way as to define every mailbox with the "mailboxes" command?

Yes, you can set "imap_check_subscribed" and all imap folders will show 
up in the sidebar.

       When set, mutt will fetch the set of subscribed folders from
       your server on connection, and add them to the set of mailboxes
       it polls for new mail just as if you had issued individual
       “mailboxes” commands.

On large mailboxes, this greatly reduces the start time due to the "new 
mail" poll.

Alternative solution:

If you use offlineimap as well, you can let it generate your mailboxes

In the page below, search for "mbnames" for an example:

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