Question about saving sent mail to current mailbox

David J. Weller-Fahy l.mutt-users at
Thu Apr 26 01:46:00 UTC 2018

* David J. Weller-Fahy <l.mutt-users at> [2018-04-25 21:38 -0400]:
>I've been dealing with an error whenever mutt starts for a few years
>now, and finally decided to ask how others have fixed the issue.
>folder-hook . "set record=^"

Sigh... apparently inspiration required that I send an email to a mailing list before figuring this out.  The error was NOT the line quoted above, but the folder-hook two lines below it that did not escape the ^.  One should look at the ones place in the line number, not just the tens place, when verifying that the line one thinks is causing the error is indeed the line causing the error.

Apologies for the noise.


dave [ please don't CC me ]
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