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Thu Mar 15 10:03:22 UTC 2018

Hello all,

For a while now, when I sign messages with GPG, I see an error message 
flash up briefly before being replaced by the signing prompt. Up until 
now, I'd not been able to read the message before it disappeared, but 
today (perhaps my terminal was being a bit slow) I managed to see it 
read "[setting sender] mailbox ...". That was enough for me to find the 
function "void mutt_gpgme_set_sender()".

I can see that this function sets the sender for gpgme (presumably so it 
knows who to sign as), but my question is why is the message "[setting 
sender] mailbox: %s" displayed using mutt_error()? Is it *actually* an 
error to set the sender? Should this have been implied elsewhere, for 
example? Or is this just a bit of debugging information that's being 
rather too loudly logged?

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