Reply with another email as attachment?

David Woodfall dave at
Wed Mar 14 15:14:50 UTC 2018

On (14/03/18 14:22), Bastian <bastian-muttuser at> put forth the proposition:
>On 14Mar18 12:48 +0000, David Woodfall wrote:
>> I couldn't find how to do that, apart from actually finding the file
>> and attaching it that way. When I pressed 'a' to attach and then '?'
>> for a list I had a list of my folders up, but mutt wouldn't let me enter
>> them and gave a 'couldn't attach <dirname>' error.
>> Is there a way of doing this?
>a - attach-file    - attach file(s) to this message
>A - attach-message - attach message(s) to this message
>I don't remember all the keybindings. I have to look up especially those
>which are rarely used. I find it really helpful to hit '?' on the
>current view to get the list of keybindings along with their
>description. You can search within that list with '/'. In your case,
>searching for 'attach' you'll find the command 'attach-message'. Maybe
>this helps a bit.

Thanks, 'A' does the trick.


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