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nunojsilva at nunojsilva at
Mon Mar 12 22:01:08 UTC 2018

On 2018-03-12, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:

> Last Friday night, our mailing list and website server suffered a
> catastrophic failure.
> Fortunately, for the past couple months I have already been working on
> moving our mailing lists to OSUOSL.  I had planned a couple more steps
> to transition smoothly, but given the failure have accelerated things.
> The new mailing list server uses GNU mailman.  There are likely a few
> things that need to be tweeked.  Please let me know about any issues.


It looks like the "nomail" subscription setting was lost in this

I have been subscribed that way for some time and today, for the first
time ever, I received a few emails from this mailing list.

Nuno Silva

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