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Cameron Simpson cs at
Mon Mar 12 21:31:42 UTC 2018

On 12Mar2018 12:31, Kevin J. McCarthy <kevin at> wrote:
>Last Friday night, our mailing list and website server suffered a
>catastrophic failure.
>Fortunately, for the past couple months I have already been working on
>moving our mailing lists to OSUOSL.  I had planned a couple more steps
>to transition smoothly, but given the failure have accelerated things.

Many thanks!

>The new mailing list server uses GNU mailman.  There are likely a few
>things that need to be tweeked.  Please let me know about any issues.

I notice that the Sender: header now says {listname}-bounces at whereas 
before it said owner-{listname} (Because my mail filing rule no 
longer matched.)

In my mind the original value is better, with a Return-Path: header for 
{listname}-bounces at (Assuming of course that owner-{listname} is still 
a valid address.)

But this is very minor.

Cameron Simpson <cs at> (formerly cs at

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