pkg-config usage for sqlite3

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Sun Aug 18 13:04:27 UTC 2019

On 12.08.19 18:15, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:
> It looks like building a static binary doesn't work with the sqlite3
> option, due to a couple extra dependencies needed in that case.
> One common, and increasingly prevalent, solution is to use pkg-config
> and the related autoconf macros (e.g. PKG_CHECK_MODULES).  However,
> this isn't without issues, for example dealing with libraries
> installed in non-standard places.
> What do you all think about using pkg-config for the sqlite3
> dependency? Experiences and tips on doing this properly are welcome.
> Thank you.

I've usually used existing autoconf code as fallback if
PKG_CHECK_MODULES came up with "no info", but I don't have a
recollection of how I configure sqlite3 in bogofilter, it's been ages
(more than a decade), so I only know what's in bogofilter's history...
that was in the sqlite 3.0.8 times.

You can look at
and at similar times for here
- but the repo at that time was SVN so chances are that commits (since
they were spanning directories) are mapped separately.


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