pkg-config usage for sqlite3

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Tue Aug 13 00:39:35 UTC 2019

Hi Kevin,

On Monday, 2019-08-12 10:51:56 -0700, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:

> > why would supplying a non-standard search path to pkg-config files be
> > any more problematic than a non-standard path to the library itself?
> By all means, please enlighten me.  My understanding from starting to
> research the issue is that the user needs to set up nonstandard paths in
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH instead of passing them to the configure --with-sqlite3
> flag.

That is correct.

> However, I'm all ears.  If this is a non-issue please say so.

If a user installed a package in a non-standard location s/he should be
able to specify its pkg-config path in PKG_CONFIG_PATH as well.

> I'd be
> delighted to punt this to PKG_CHECK_MODULES.  In that case, should we just
> ignore anything passed to --with-sqlite3=xxxx?

Yes. Or rather, if "no" then do not check for it, and break if
--enable-autocrypt was specified as well.

PKG_CHECK_MODULES generates code to output a message if the .pc file
wasn't found and to adjust PKG_CONFIG_PATH or how things can be
overridden by setting ..._CFLAGS and ..._LIBS variables.


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