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Hi Kevin,

On Sunday, 2019-08-11 13:44:53 -0700, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 10:24:42PM +0200, Eike Rathke wrote:
> > The minimal public key of multiple UIDs written as autocrypt keydata in
> > my case is 15kB, quite large as mail overhead.  I guess there's no way
> > to reduce that somehow?
> Ouch, that's pretty excessive.  When generating the Base64 keydata for the
> header, Mutt uses gpgme_op_export_keys() with the GPGME_EXPORT_MODE_MINIMAL
> flag.  I don't think there's much more Mutt can do as the keydata is
> supposed to have the uid field.
> > Command line gnupg has filter options like
> > 
> >  gpg --export --export-options export-minimal --export-filter keep-uid="mbox=foo at" 0xKEYID
> > 
> > which ends up with 3kB Ascii-armored per uid.
> It might be worth doing this when copying over and trimming down the uid
> list as much as possible.

Tried (then it needs to be done with --export-secret-keys not --export,
of course..) with 6 of 12 uids but that didn't change anything. I think
the size is merely due to the rsa4096 used on that key.


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