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Thu Aug 8 22:58:07 UTC 2019

On Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 12:36:37AM +0200, Eike Rathke wrote:
>> Yes, today I pushed up the ability to select a key during account creation.
>> It's rather fresh but I think works okay.
>Tried that and did (s)elect existing GPG key, but got "No secret key
>found". Didn't dig deeper.

It's selecting a key from the keyring in $autocrypt_dir.

>> I also added $autocrypt_reply to turn off the "forced autocrypt" mode when
>> replying.  If the same key is used in both web-of-trust and autocrypt, it
>> may be more convenient to choose yourself when replying rather than have
>> autocrypt force itself on you each time.
>Makes sense. Though with several accounts some (which don't have a WoT
>key assigned) may be preferred using autocrypt_reply and others not, so
>probably a sender address hook (reply-hook) would be appropriate. Would
>that work?

Yes, crypto setting are set after the initial message editing.

>Btw, how about passphrases for autocrypt keys? Recommendation is to not
>have such or not ask it for every mail, but I'd not use a regular key
>without passphrase for autocrypt. Is the usual PGP passphrase handling
>(including timeout) also applied to autocrypt keys? Maybe I'll find some
>time over the weekend to play around with things.. until then I ask
>stupid questions ;-)

Autocrypt uses GPGME.  I'd suspect it would honor agent configuration 
settings set in $autocrypt_dir, but I haven't tested it.

>The docs say that "header cached messages are not re-scanned for
>Autocrypt headers", however, my gut feeling is that mailboxes not yet
>scanned are scanned when opening them the first time after autocrypt was
>initialized, even if header caching is on.

This is likely because the changes to Mutt data structures (to add the 
autocrypt fields) invalidated the header cache.  I didn't mention it in 
the docs because that would make the issue more confusing.

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