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Wed Aug 7 23:06:23 UTC 2019

Hi Kevin,

The new Autocrypt feature seems to work :-)
Tried with/without overriding conventional PGP encryption and vice
versa. Great work, thanks!

One caveat: when enabling autocrypt=yes and starting mutt the first time
one must ensure to not have some key push in the config, otherwise that
interferes with the prompt about setting up the autocrypt directory.

Questions remaining: it may be possible to use an already existing RSA
key imported from the GnuPG keyring. At least I've seen such Autocrypt
keys even with two accounts on them. Does Mutt Autocrypt support that?

On the other hand, would it make sense to do so? Or are there advantages
on having separate keys per account? Apart from they can be revoked or
changed individually.

Thanks again!


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