Specific Handling for text/calendar MIME Type

Andrew Marks mutt at amrx.net
Sun Jul 21 18:40:21 UTC 2019

I'll get on my soapbox and state that text/calendar mime attachments to
e-mail is a horrific way to manage events and/or invites. Also this is
currently the bane of my existence because no mail reader makes it easy
to manage the many text/calendar attachments I receive. I think the
RFC's involved could be and should be used by calendaring software
independently of e-mail, the two should never have been combined.


Regardless, I want to make it easier to manage text/calendar mime
attachments in mutt and there are several features I'm considering
working on to do this:

1. The easiest approach is to use attachments, however it's not
currently possible because multipart/alternative is not recursively
counted by the attachments code, and these text/calendar attachments are
typically children of multipart/alternative. To fix this I can make a
setting which toggles this behavior, so I can count all members of
multipart/alternative and change my attachments settings to only count

2. Another option is to implement a new limit, specific for finding
emails which contain text/calendar, this could sort of be a duplicate of
using attachments with ~X, but perhaps the attachment counting code
could be isolated and re-used for some more specific limits to be added?

3. A third thing I've been considering is adding more specific support
to index_format for this, again, using attachments and %X could
potentially do this, but it could be nice to have a specific option for
finding and highlighting e-mail that has text/calendar mime attachments

In all cases, the bodies of every e-mail must be inspected, so
performance will not be great if your mailbox is not local. I don't see
any way around this unless there is some secret header that I am unaware

If nobody has any better ideas or constructive feedback, I'll probably
start with number 1 and go from there.


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