meaning of number of lines in the message (%l in index_format)

Patrick Shanahan paka at
Sun Jun 23 02:21:56 UTC 2019

* Kurt Hackenberg <kh at> [06-22-19 21:54]:
> On 2019-06-22 16:47, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > The manual says:
> > 
> > %l                                   number of lines in the message
> >                                       (does not work with maildir, mh,
> >                                       and possibly IMAP folders)
> Seems not very useful if it mostly doesn't work. Maybe mbox read counts
> lines anyway, so this was easy? And originally there was nothing but mbox?

maybe not for some but there are still pleny of mbox systems which do
benefit from "%l".  thankypu,

started with mbox many years ago and have found no impelling reason to

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