version.h rebuild change in stable

Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at
Fri May 31 16:37:02 UTC 2019

TLDR: I'm about to remove the version.h automatic rebuilding from 
stable.  Going forward, updating the version will require a 'make clean' 
or 'rm version.h'.

Ticket #144 revealed an issue on OpenBSD (and therefore possibly other 
*BSD's).  The behavior of their make is different from GNU make with 
respect to transitive FORCE targets.

In GNU make, it always invoke the 'version.h' target, but then checks to 
see if version.h changed before retriggering targets with that 
prerequisite.  On OpenBSD, invoking the version.h target always 
retriggers targets with that prerequisite.

This is causing a problem with their package building, because a rebuild 
is occurring during 'make install' when the install is overriding 
certain installation directories.

Of course, if anyone has an idea how to do this in a way that works 
portably, we can revisit.  But for now I consider their build issues 
more important than the minor convenience for developers.

Kevin J. McCarthy
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