[PATCH] reverse_name: optionally read {,X-}Envelope-To:

Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at 8t8.us
Fri May 17 14:01:22 UTC 2019

On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 10:40:05AM +0200, Tobias Girstmair wrote:
>>This might invite further discussion of patterns such as ~t, ~C, etc.
>I'm not really sure what you mean here. reverse_name is already 
>looking at To: and CC:. Patterns aren't involved in this feature at 

No, it was just a brief mention that we would have an envelope field 
that is completely non-queryable and non-viewable from the 
searching/limit and index point of view.  Not relevant to your patch, 
but I'll mention it below too.

>>All that said, my impression is that this is too specific.  The 
>>header you are referencing is non-standard, and varies based on the 
>The header is non-standard, but widely available. It also fixes an 
>annoyance for some users, while not breaking anything for everyone 

There is a cost, though.  As Vincent mentions, it consumes more 
resources in a core data structure.  It invalidates the header cache for 
the next release.  It increases the query size for IMAP.  It starts us 
on an endless goose chase to support this for all MTA/MDA variations 
(e.g., the header is not present in my configuration).  And, as 
mentioned above, it does all this for a single config variable, but 
otherwise is not manipulable by the user.

>>the patch fixed up, you should also add a line to 
>what about in mutt_merge_envelopes()?

Yes, that's a good catch.  There may be more cases - honestly my 
feedback was from just a quick perusal of the patch.  :)

Kevin J. McCarthy
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