gpgme pinentry-tty return mangling and cnt-j

Derek Schrock dereks at
Sun Mar 3 22:49:33 UTC 2019

While looking at this FreeBSD PR I noticed there
was an problem with pinentry-tty and gpgme (crypt_use_gpgme).

Like the issue described here 
pinentry-tty output in mutt is mangled (see attached image) by not
properly handling the returns and to enter a passphrase with control-j.

Was the mangling of returns and control-j fixed in 2016 (e21b445e40502)
or was the hard redraw there to fix something else?  Maybe a possible
regression here?

This appears to still be an issue or at least has returned.  I've
reproduced this on FreeBSD 12amd64 with mail/mutt mutt 1.11.3 and Fedora
29 with mutt 1.10.1 and pinentry-tty 1.1.0.  So don't believe it's a
FreeBSD only issue.

I've always used pinentry-curses so I never noticed this issue with

I use gpg-agent/pinetry with offlineimap and it doesn't have any issues
with a pinentry-tty prompt.  So maybe it's a curses program (mutt)
forking out to a tty program?
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