mutt/Exchange imap timeouts; patch for mutt_wait_filter()

John Hawkinson jhawk at MIT.EDU
Thu Sep 20 02:02:05 UTC 2018

I encountered another related case today, and even though it touches mutt_wait_filter(), I don't believe my patch would have solved it (at least, I just checked it out and 

Open an attachment menu and hit '|' and pipe the attachment to, say
     grep FOOBAR
and let mutt sit at the "Press any key to continue..." prompt for more than the IMAP timeout.

IMAP connection times out. I guess the problem is mutt_any_key_to_continue().

I wonder how many of these problems there are :(

--jhawk at
  John Hawkinson

Kevin J. McCarthy <kevin at> wrote on Mon, 17 Sep 2018
at 20:01:22 -0700 in <20180918030122.GC24282 at afu.lan>:

> I've pushed up a fix in 4350694b that targets just this one case.  Thank
> you again for the bug report and patch.

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