Adding support for fetching GPG key using WKD protocol

Wiktor Kwapisiewicz wiktor at
Mon Jul 9 13:50:30 UTC 2018

Hi Vincent,

>> So... This isn't really too different.  If the config option somehow
>> got set unintentionally, it still potentially leaks information, even
>> if it is on send rather than on receipt.  It's actually worse, because
>> it leaks whom you are actually sending messages to, rather than from
>> whom you're receiving them...  Received messages could be spam or
>> other senders you simply don't know.  Sending messages is a concious
>> choice, so it reveals something material.
> So, perhaps if the WKD protocol were *also* used for received messages,
> this would be less problematic.

I think WKD can already be used in mutt for received messages, without 
any modifications to mutt but given three conditions are satisfied:
   * auto-key-locate in gpg.conf includes "wkd" (by default it's 
"local,wkd" so that's OK),
   * auto-key-retrieve is set (that enables automatic verification of 
signatures, by default it is *not* enabled, for example Fabian Groffen 
said he has it enabled),
   * the *sender* of the message creates signature by specifying their 
e-mail not keyid, this is rather elaborate edge case but "gpg -u 
user at --sign" adds user's e-mail to the signature (thus 
enabling WKD lookup on signatures) but "gpg -u 0x123123 --sign" does 
*not*. I don't know what mutt does at this point.

 From other news I got the info from gnupg-devel mailing list from Andre 
Heinecke that works on GPGME and he said [0] that:

> You do it right. GPGME_KEYLIST_MODE_LOCATE (or an or of local and extern) uses 
> what is configured in auto-key-locate options. 


So setting LOCAL|EXTERN does *not* mean it will do network lookup it 
means it *can* do network lookup if this is configured in gpg.conf 
(option "auto-key-locate"). I've tested this on my sample program and 
sure enough, setting "auto-key-locate" to "local" in gpg.conf does *not* 
make network lookups even with LOCAL|EXTERN (a.k.a. LOCATE) in mutt.

LOCAL, that is used by GPGME by default, and currently by mutt, does not 
consult user configuration in "auto-key-locate".

Kind regards,


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