1.10.0 plan

Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at 8t8.us
Tue Apr 17 17:05:13 UTC 2018

With 1.9.5 out, I'd like to start moving towards a 1.10.0 release.  This
cycle, I've had less time than usual, and have been more involved in the
git, gitlab, mailing list, trac tickets, and website migration (phew!).
So I don't know that there are a lot of huge new features.

However, several people have taken the time to submit patches that are
in master, and I think it's about time we get those released!  :-)

I'd like to start a freeze on May 4th.  We'll give the translators a
couple weeks, and I'll release on the weekend of the 18-20th.

Kevin J. McCarthy
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