Problem with mutt script

Aaron Schrab aaron+mutt at
Tue Apr 17 14:25:16 UTC 2018

At 15:27 +0200 17 Apr 2018, Vincent Lefevre <vincent at> wrote:
>I suppose that -r should work since .git must be readable to be

That's not actually true. When it's a directory, a large number of 
operations can be done without it being readable (in my testing I 
haven't come across anything that fails).  Since git is usually dealing 
with known entries within that directory it doesn't need to list them.  
So, only execute (search) permission is necessary for many things.

But, I don't think that this is a likely occurrence. It's probably still 
a better idea to work around shells which don't support the `-e` test 
even if that violates POSIX.

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