Patch to add file monitoring

Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at
Thu Apr 12 01:47:27 UTC 2018

On Mon, Apr 02, 2018 at 03:12:49PM +0200, Gero Treuner wrote:
> I felt that it would be nice when mutt instantly notifies about new
> mail. Think about mails like "There is on piece of cake left!".

Hi Gero,

Sorry it took a bit longer than I expected to get back to your review.

I have taken a _quick_ look at the patch.  Overall I like the idea and
(with some fixes) think this would be worth including.  I'll take a more
thorough look when I have a bit more time.

A few comments:

* I greatly appreciate you using a minimally invasive approach.  It's
  tempting to want to rewrite things, but that makes my review job much

* Some of the other callers of mutt_getch() may be adversely affected by
  the patch.  e.g., _mutt_enter_fname() may now abort the prompt if a
  new mail notification happens at the wrong time.  Hmmm... it looks
  like the other callers are okay because they now handle SIGWINCH
  redraws, but I'll want to take a second look to make sure all the
  callers properly handle a timeout retval.

* I need to test this myself, but I'm assuming the poll() in
  mutt_monitor_poll() will just return 0 when the timeout() set in
  km_dokey() fires?

* Why not add and remove monitors in the same locations that
  mutt_sb_notify_mailbox() is called inside mutt_parse_mailboxes()?  I
  think that makes more sense than where you are doing it now.

* I'd rather not have private data, e.g. INotifyFd, Monitor, exposed in
  monitor.h, unless there is a good reason.

* I think we should have some kind of option to "opt out"
  of the inotify, even if your system has it.  There may be a reason
  someone doesn't want to use it.

I need to release 1.9.5 this week, and would like to release 1.10.0 the
beginning of next month.  It's a bit late in the cycle to include this
for 1.10, so how about if we work toward getting it committed after
1.10.0 is released?

Kevin J. McCarthy
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