Mutt IRC channel moving to Libera.Chat

Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at
Sun May 23 21:29:28 UTC 2021

Some of you may have noticed the turmoil this past week at Freenode[1]. 
Most of the staff have resigned and started a new network, 

I quickly saw support and movement from other projects/organizations I 
regard highly, such as OSUOSL[3] and SourceHut[4].  So, the past week 
I've been working to get Mutt set up on Libera.Chat too.

Thanks to their hard working staff, we already have a registered project 
namespace, and the #mutt channel is up and running.

I plan on maintaining both channels for a while, but Mutt's official IRC 
channel is now on Libera.Chat.  Please join us there.

Thank you,


[1] has a summary and links for other staff.
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