mutt 2.0.0 released

Kevin J. McCarthy kevin at
Sat Nov 7 21:46:16 UTC 2020

Hello Mutt Users,

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 2.0.0.

Instructions for downloading are available at 
<>, or the tarball can be directly 
downloaded from <>.  Please take the time 
to verify the signature file against my public key.

This release had a major version number increase because of a few 
backward incompatible changes.  Please take the time to read the release 
notes at <>: the first section there 
lists those changes.  Also see the UPDATING file for the full list of 

Several of the new features in this release came from other 
contributors.  My thanks to them, and to all the others who helped by 
submitting tickets, testing, doing translation, and just providing moral 
support. :-)

Lastly, a note that I have resigned my GPG key to extend the expiration 
date.  You can obtain the updates from the keyservers, mutt's website, 
my website, or WKD.

Thank you,

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